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Product & Services
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Welcome to Insite Consulting Limited - Industrial Division

The World Leading Waste and Water Management Solution Specialists

"Insite Consulting Ltd's Industrial division has developed key solutions, with world leading suppliers , to help in the effective use of resources and in disposal of waste where required. We have proven machines in some of the harshest environments and we can offer references from some of the world’s biggest energy companies".

We insist on the use of only the highest grade parts and materials at every stage of construction. This allows us to offer the best quality machines available and has helped us achieve an enviable reputation for durability and quality.

We don’t just provide the products, our dedicated team of specialists design and deliver complete waste and water management solutions for high population Cities, Sports Stadia, large housing and commercial developments across the world.

Waste and Water Management Solutions

Decentralised Waste management solutions for any scale.
By decentralising operations and using multiple plant locations you are effectively bringing the source closer to the destination site. If designed right, this approach can bring huge cost savings.

Decentralised Incineration Plants

Historically, local authorities have used one incineration plant that would be large enough to cope with all the waste required for destruction. This approach meant that the collection trucks would have to travel across the city to the one location wasting time, money and creating unnecessary pollution. Having only one incinerator also means there is no back up during maintenance and repair periods causing a back-log of waste or collections to cease during down time.
Decentralised Water Treatment Plants

Installing one WTP to cope with all the waste water from source is inefficient. Connecting sewerage pipework has to interlink to one location. By installing several WTP’s the amount of pipework and subsequent installation work required is greatly reduced.  

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